Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bila LAgi?

When are we, the MALAYS are going to open our eyes to realize that we are left behind?
When are we, the MALAYS are going to realize that bit by bit, we are letting go of what belongs to us.
When are we, the MALAYS will ever have the spirit to compete positively and to improve and advance ourself from lacking out?

Why do we need to keep having the "takpelah" attitude? Why can't we have the "I will do it at all cost" attitude?
Why is it hard for us to commit ourself into something when it was ourself who agreed to give commitment?
Why is it hard for us to be a better person?

Everyday we will hear, Melayu pemalas, Melayu itu, Melayu ini. Why do we like to be called that way.
We are not lazy! We are not taking things for granted! We are not complacent!

Come on peoplE! It is time for us to wake up!
Please Do NOT be a typical malays who only knows how to talk but never perform. I have met a few typical malays. And I am sad to say that these are going to be our future leaders.

I am a malay, and I love my race, I love my religion. I love my country. But if I were to do it alone, I will not be able to make a change. It is time that all who are categorised as malays to be united and to prove to the whole country and the whole world, "takkan melayu hilang di bumi".
We are strong, we are committed, but we sometimes just love to be lazy and complacent and not wanting to go further.

How many malay males went to further their studies at the tertiary level? What is the percentage of female students compared to male students? Simply half than the university students in IPTA are females. Guys where are you???? We need you! You are going to be the leader if not for the country, for your own family.

In Islam itself have mentioned that khalifah of the earth must come from the male species. But then, how are we going to be a leader if we are not fully prepared???

Please. I beg all of you. I am not trying to be discrimantive and racist here. I did not want to say about other races simply because I am not one of them and because they are so much better than us the malays! Come on guys. You claim that we are the rightful owner of the land of Malaysia ( which i still believe its the aborigins who were here first before us) But that is not the point.

The point is, if you claim that we are the owner of the land, we are the host, act like one! Don't let strangers to simply get into our house and do as they please.

Stop being lazy.
Stop having negative thoughts all the time.
Be positive.
Be competitive.
Be good.
Be great.
Be the greatest!

Forget about what political party are you in. What we want and what we need now is unity. If MCA and DAP can be united when issues on the chinese race being touched, why can't we the malays be united to protect our rights?

Do not just voice out your opinion or dissatisfaction without studying it first. Have basis and substance in whatever you want to say or do.

I hope that 1 day, 1 fine day, the malays can be united. But I am scared that when the time comes, it might be too late...



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stress at Work

Who says working life is better than studying life?
To those who can't wait to finish their study life, think again..

Well, you're lucky if you have a good kind of boss.. But if you the kind of boss I'm getting, my godd..
Hari-hari macam menanti Malaikat Maut dtg je..
How unhappy we are working under him.
Just imagine, orang lain buat salah, orang lain yang kena marah. And its not just marah, its maki hamun.

What kind of a leader is that... haihh... Oh well, I just have to go through it for another 1 week plus..
can't wait to get back to UiTM and to get back to MY OFFICE! arrghh!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My godd its been a while since i last wrote in..
Sorry guys i've been busy with my practical training.. Didn't have the chance to write.

Okay.. so..... Ive got nothing to say actually but to let the world know that i love my family and friends.. :) Do i need to mention them? (i don't want to hurt anyone by forgetting to mention their names) but hey.. those who were there when i'm down and in need of a friend, you are the one i'm talking about..

kay recently, i bought something for myself.. as a treat for myself.. and i'm loving it! Finally get to hold it and say it's mine! though someone said i'm following someone else.. (JahaT u faa! :D) and oh! I also got myself my Mr Bubub! (Fyza u know what this is kan?) hehehe... how childish..

I'm finishing my practical training this week.. But that's not the end of my service at the firm.. I'm gona continue working there until 11th July.. So yea.. Not much of a holiday for me..

To my friends out there, i miss you guys.. To fyza, bile nk lepak.. To faa, bile nk balik.. To semue, Good luck! and congratulations on your exam results UiTM students!! :)