Monday, November 23, 2009


Its been a week now since the first day of my semester break. Never had this empty holiday like this.

Can't go anywhere much because unfortunately I was not given a car at home. Nice...
Well, at least I could focus on doing the house chores.. But It only lasted half a day.. I won't do it the whole day..

But the problem is, the moment I step out of the house, I'll need cash, and that is what I am short of right now..

Godd...... And my parents did not even give us allowance to eat! That is pressurringggg...

Oh well, I am still breathing though... It is going to be a relaxing holiday, but not going to be as much fun...

And I miss my boo.... Mwt n TTDI is faaaarrrrrr away.... :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009


exam is over... fiuhhh....
it didnt end up well but atleast its over...

To all my friends, congratulations coz we completed our battle this semester.... lets just wait for the outcome..

Well..... I have no idea what to do during this holiday... my mum ask me to stay at home and take care of the house... i'm thinkin of that too but I need $$$$$$$


i'll think of that later.. i wana enjoyyyyyyy my rest for a while.. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family value

Everyone in this world has a family.. A pair stars a family... Families then starts a community.. Communities then start a country.. And so on and so forth.

But how many of us actually knew what family values are?
How many of us really care about their family?
How many families in this world are actually living happily and peacefully together?
Not many...

I have my family.. I have my parents, my brothers and a sister..
I love them so much.. They mean everything to me..
Yes sometimes I got scolded, sometimes I argue with them, sometimes I just could not agree with them, but they are my family..
They will always be there through my thick and thin time.. They are my family and they are also my best friends.. I could not ask for more..

Family and friends are not the same... You can have many friends, and friends come and go. But you only have 1 blood related family, and if u lose them, that's it. They will be gone forever..
If you still have your family, love them, care about them, cherish every moment you have with them..

No matter how bad they can be, they are still your family.. Love your parents especially.. You are nothing in this world without them.. I hate it when people can't seem to respect their own parents.. They have the guts to criticized their parents, say bad things about them, but at the end of the day, they depended on their parents for money, food, and shelter..

Come on! If you are so great, why do u still depend on your parents? If you think your parents are useless, why still ask money from them? Whatever that we have with us now (if you're still not working) came from them. your allowances, your savings, your car, clothes, food, are all from your parents...

You are being disgraceful when you insult your own parents to others.. When you are okay, you forgotten about them.. But when you are in need, then you'll remember them.. That should not be the way..

Maybe you just can't understand it now.. But just be careful and standby when it is your time and turn to become a parent, don't blame your kids if they are doing the same thing to you...

Love your family.. No matter what type of family they are.. Because they won't be there forever..

Mama, Bapak, Abg, Ee, Dhirah, I love you guys!


I wonder how my life would be after I ended my term, without her...
It would be boring, empty, and pfftt.. I don't know..


She appeared.. without me even have to look for her...
It is true though.. When you less expect it, it will eventually come to you..

One thing about her is, she is not the normal type that I always met or want..
But yet, we are going on well.. :)

Weeheeheee... I am happy now.. I really am..

Thank you my dear love.. :) I want you to be here with me foreverrrrrr...

I love you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



I can't believe that I am actually doing it.
I never thought I would be able to do it.
I never thought I would be able to go through it this far.
Daymnnn I'm good. :p

I think I never had this feelings before.
Not the feeling of being happy of unhappy because they will take place all the time.
The feeling of feeling matured and be responsible and handle problems well.

Well I think I have not been talking about the new life of mine to public yet.
I only make known to public through my pictures.
Well now this is the time to do so.

Now I agree with the fact that do not look for love, it will come naturally to you.
And when it came, it is hard to let go.
That is what happening to me now.
I never thought I would fall for her. It was just a dinner I attended.

Whatever it is, I still can't believe myself that I am with her now.
Sayang, thank you for accepting me and thank you for being with me.

I am sorry for all the hard times, for all the things that you found out yourself, for all the troubles I gave you.
I am truly and deeply sorry for that!!!

I love you dear... Really do.

Life Without Position


Now I can finally rest my feet, my body, my mind from having to deal with protocols, procedures, and what so ever.

I am finally a normal student. yeay! Now I can just linger around without having to attend or organise meetings. I can just go back straight after class.

I finally have time for myself. :)

But it is boring though when ure used to a hectic life, then suddenly u got nothing to do.

There are things to do still, exaMMmmM!!! woot woootttt!

Oh yea, to all my friends, seniors, juniors, in the whole world who are gona seat for exams, good luck and all the besttt guyss!!!!

I'm gona continue enjoy my normal life now. :)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

It is leaving soon

Oh God...
It is almost the end of it...
I feel bad for not doing much for Him..
I seriously feel useless and not grateful for not returning the favor to Him.
For not taking what He offers to me and to the rest of the Muslims in this world.

I am sorry.
I admit I am not strong.
I admit I am not good enough.
But God, thank you for giving me another Ramadhan.
I may not claim the full benefit of Ramadhan this year,
but I learned and realize many new things.


Ramadhan is leaving us soon,
How much have we gained?
How much have we changed?
How much better and stronger are we now?

Whatever it is, never stop fighting for the right thing.
Never stop doing good and right things.
Do not stop changing and improving yourself to be better.

I pray for all my family members and friends in specific,
and to the Muslims in general,
May Allah reward us with whatever that we deserved
May Allah show us the right path to Him
and May Allah unite us all and give us strength to defend
the religion of Islam.


Salam Ramadhan, and Salam Aidilfitri to all.
I apologize for all my wrong doings and sayings which offended or hurt
you in any way. I may and may not have realized it.
I am sorry.

Take care

Nabil Nazrin


Hye guys.. As some of you may know, I re-post this in my blog from facebook.

A friend is a person who is there when you needed company, needed help, or anything.
A good friend is someone who cares about you.
A true friend is someone who care about you, and really show that they care, would die for you, will never ever back stab you, and will always agree with you whenever you are right and disagree when it is the other way round..

How many people actually knows the true meaning of friendship?
How many of us are aware of what type of friends we have around us?
How many of us can actually list down more than 10 names of true friends?
I think I can describe friendship, I think I know some type of friends I have,
but I can hardly list down even more than 5 true friends It's a shame is it not...

We all say we have friends, we have a lot of friends.
But the truth is, how much of them actually returned the favor to us?
Well from my experience and observation on my own life, not many.
Those to whom we pay attention more to are actually those who are going to hurt us in the future They only wanted attention, they will not be there for us in times of need.

But those whom we expect less to be close to, are those who are going to be there when you need help.
They are the one who is actually willing to help you.
So who says that just because you have things in common with your friends, you can call yourself best friends?
And what type of a best friend, uses another best friend? To make things worse, being dominant and controls others to follow his/her way?
What type of best friends betrayed other best friend?
And what type of best friend back stabbed another best friend by spreading stories or not good things about their own best friends?

The best in its own kind maybe.

They claim that care about us, they are concern of who our partners are, they approve they reject because they don't want us to be upset or hurt.
They say this, they say that, as if they are perfect but who are they to decide for your personal life?
And who are we to judge people?
We are not perfect to judge whether a person is good or bad.
Kindness, beauty, loyalty is very subjective. Different people have different way and style of showing it.
But does not mean if he/she is doing it in such a manner which is out of the norm, he/she is bad or not good.
They say they care, but not all of them will be there by your side when you are in trouble. They will start nagging and say, "I told you so. Now You face it yourself".

A true friend really understands you. He or she knows your character, knows your personality, and knows how to cheer you up when you are down and knows what are the things that can make you happy and sad. A true friend knows when you need company, when you don't.
A true friend knows when you need your privacy.
A true friend not interfere into your privacy, will not make stories about you, will not reveal to the world about your bad habits, or bad things about you. They will just keep it to themselves even when people ask.

They will just say, "I do not know, maybe you can try ask him/her yourself.", instead of
"I am telling you this because he/she is my friends, I do not want anything bad to happen to him/her."

Why must we be too busy body? If nobody requires our assistance, do not go and do anything. Let your friend deal with his/her problem alone.
You support him/her in such a way of a moral support, or advise only. Unless he/she really needs your help in any way.

And in return of all that, you would do the same to them.
You will stand by him/her every time they are in the right side.
You will not run away if they are in the wrong side, but you will advise them to come back to the right side.
You may not be able to help them when you yourself are incapable to, but the least is be concern about them.
You do not go and encourage them to do something which is wrong or not good.
You definitely are not suppose to support them and help them to continue doing those bad things.

I admit I don't always return the favor to ALL but only to some people because these few are those I regard as my true friends.
It is not that I am not appreciating or I am doing things with hope of getting some return or benefit over it, but this is just a matter of principle.
If you have a strong and good principle of life, you would not mind losing friends whom you know, will only harm you in the future.
They scold you when you did something wrong, they correct your mistakes, they prevent you from doing things that is not going to benefit you or anyone.
They support you morally and physically.
They trust you with the stuff, and secrets.

Just be yourself in friendship. Sometimes it is not wrong to make a stand to your friends saying that you are this type of person, you do not like things to be this way and for what reason.
And to further make it good, do it for the sake of friendship, for not going against your own principle of life, and most importantly do it because it is the right thing to do and wise to do.

You do not go to them and say "I am telling people about you, because I love you and I care about you, I do not people to think bad about you" and claim that you are doing that because they are your best friends. Don't. Please DON'T do that.

I hardly have true friends and honestly I only have a few.
I do admit that I myself have not been a good friend to my friends.
Sometimes I let them down because I really can't help them. I feel bad that sometimes I could not spend time with them, I could not return their favor, I could not be there to support them when they went for any competition or tournament, etc. etc.
But the least I could do is to feel guilty and will try to think of a way to make things up with them.

To those of my friends who regard me as your friend, good friend, true friend, or best friend, I thank you for such recognition and I will always try my very best to be there for you when you needed me. I love you. I am sorry I could not carry out my duties and responsibilities as your friend effectively.
But I will definitely not stop trying to give you the best.

To those who see me only for certain benefits, thank you for doing that. I won't be there the next time you ask for my help. I may help, but you will get something good from me. I may help, but you will not be in my priority list. You can say I am not being honest and sincere, I am bad, I am being friends for benefit, I am being stereotyping, I judge people, just say it. I gave way, I gave chances, but you betrayed my trusts and confidence. I do not mind losing you as my friend.

p/s: I am truly sorry if this post offended anyone in any way. I'm sorry. Thank you for reading it
(pardon my language. Not good in English)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


:D :D :D

I don't know why I feel happy...
A new wave is hitting me...
Though I Do NOt know for sure what is going to happen next,
but what is happening do make me smile...

Haihhhh how I wish it will end up the way I want it to...
Well I have to try.. :)
aNd try... and try.. until I fail....


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow.. God is merciful..

1 moment you feel hopeless, another moment you are so excited and colours start filling your life..
Haihhh I love God, I love my life..

Though it can be sucky at times, lose something, but i earned something in return...

Had a test yesterday, it was tough because there was not enough time and I couldnt really figure out what the question wants, so I just do what I think is right.. :)

But then, I went out for break fast with my frens, n went sahur with my bestfriend..

what a life.. Life is fair.. Dont ever say life isn't fair coz by saying so, u r not being grateful to what you have..

Alhamdulillah! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life changes

Life change alot..
People around me changed..
My surroundings are changing..
I am changing (in size and character)
Everything is changing...

Sometimes I miss the old times..
Sometimes I do want to move forward..
But most of the time, I am scared of going anywhere...

I have been through quite a lot as of today...
But I am pretty sure that is still nothing compared to what's coming up ahead...
I will just prepare myself, as the future is coming near...
I am happy for my friends who have found their mates...
I am happy for my friends who have left their mates...
I am happy that when I am ditched by the old friend, I found a new one...

It is true I think.. When you are in love, you are in your own world...
You left the world around you just to cherish the lovey dovey moments with your loved ones..
Sometimes, as a friend, it is kind of offensive being treated that way, but to be positive, we should be happy for them..

Oh well, my journey is still very long.. I have yet to found the one I'm looking for.. I have yet to achieve my dreams and goals..
And I have yet to prepare myself for death...

Would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my friends out there, either u can or cannot read my blog, I'm sorry for everything, and thank you for everything.

Happy Ramadhan, may this Ramadhan be the best Ramadhan for all of us to invest for our afterlife. :)

Take care.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I miss her

I miss her...
Last nite i dream of her... She told me something...
Mak tok, I will remember what you said in the dream.. I miss u..
All I can do now is to pray for you.. I hope u are fine there..
Couldnt help to cry after I woke up...

To those of u who still have your loved ones, do take care of them and spend time with them while u still can, coz once they are gone, that's it..

Oh, for the PERKAD team, good luck and all the best.. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


hihihih... I thought I am going to be more relaxed when my programs are shut down... but I guess I was wrong..

Done with 1 work, another one comes in.. dayymnnnn.. these two weeks have been a very hectic week for me.. getting headaches everyday day.. scolded by a friend of mine for not taking care of myself... haihh

but then, it all pays when I have something to look at and make me all calmed down.. :p
oh i just hope i can see it again and again and I can be happy always. lol! :)

It is true that Allah create something in pairs.. when there's a boy, there's a girl. When there's stress, there's a solution for it.. Alhamdulillah..

A friendly reminder to my friends, take good care of yourself aite! :) tataaa

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hmm.. its been a while...
well first of all, my deepest sympathy to those contracted with H1N1..

Next, CURSE U H1N1!!! BEcause of you, my progs are all cancelled... danggg....

Now I will resign from my post as a failure president.... but nevermind.. We plan, He decides..

Ive nothing much to say but I am so freaking unorganized.. Well need to get back to myself.. tataaa

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What A RelieveDD!!

WAHHHH!!!! What a relieved...
Finally 1 work is done.. My contract with the company is done!
Now I can get back to my faculty peacefully.. Focus on my classes and Lawsoc..
Oh well.. Law Society... another 3 months! :)

I urge any of the law students out there who would like to take over my position in the Law Society, please submit your name for our team- building program.. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

NeW Semester!!

I must say I am pretty excited to start the new semester. Maybe I am tired of working the whole holiday. SO yea, I'm looking forward for the classes to start though I am aware of the fact that a whole lot of assignments will be given. But that's better than working with some smart people who think they can do work better.

So yea...

But had a rough night yesterday with my friend. If you're reading this, I am really sorry. I know what I said was shitty but i mean well. Maybe I did not convey that good intention properly but whatever it is I admit it was my fault. I'm sorry. You know how much we care about her. I just wanted you guys to go on through your new life properly and in order.

I'm sorry...

I hope that things will be better in the future. If I am not forgiven, it's okay. I deserved it. But that is not going to stop me from the excitement of starting the new semester. So guys, see you in UiTM!! :)

Take care...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bila LAgi?

When are we, the MALAYS are going to open our eyes to realize that we are left behind?
When are we, the MALAYS are going to realize that bit by bit, we are letting go of what belongs to us.
When are we, the MALAYS will ever have the spirit to compete positively and to improve and advance ourself from lacking out?

Why do we need to keep having the "takpelah" attitude? Why can't we have the "I will do it at all cost" attitude?
Why is it hard for us to commit ourself into something when it was ourself who agreed to give commitment?
Why is it hard for us to be a better person?

Everyday we will hear, Melayu pemalas, Melayu itu, Melayu ini. Why do we like to be called that way.
We are not lazy! We are not taking things for granted! We are not complacent!

Come on peoplE! It is time for us to wake up!
Please Do NOT be a typical malays who only knows how to talk but never perform. I have met a few typical malays. And I am sad to say that these are going to be our future leaders.

I am a malay, and I love my race, I love my religion. I love my country. But if I were to do it alone, I will not be able to make a change. It is time that all who are categorised as malays to be united and to prove to the whole country and the whole world, "takkan melayu hilang di bumi".
We are strong, we are committed, but we sometimes just love to be lazy and complacent and not wanting to go further.

How many malay males went to further their studies at the tertiary level? What is the percentage of female students compared to male students? Simply half than the university students in IPTA are females. Guys where are you???? We need you! You are going to be the leader if not for the country, for your own family.

In Islam itself have mentioned that khalifah of the earth must come from the male species. But then, how are we going to be a leader if we are not fully prepared???

Please. I beg all of you. I am not trying to be discrimantive and racist here. I did not want to say about other races simply because I am not one of them and because they are so much better than us the malays! Come on guys. You claim that we are the rightful owner of the land of Malaysia ( which i still believe its the aborigins who were here first before us) But that is not the point.

The point is, if you claim that we are the owner of the land, we are the host, act like one! Don't let strangers to simply get into our house and do as they please.

Stop being lazy.
Stop having negative thoughts all the time.
Be positive.
Be competitive.
Be good.
Be great.
Be the greatest!

Forget about what political party are you in. What we want and what we need now is unity. If MCA and DAP can be united when issues on the chinese race being touched, why can't we the malays be united to protect our rights?

Do not just voice out your opinion or dissatisfaction without studying it first. Have basis and substance in whatever you want to say or do.

I hope that 1 day, 1 fine day, the malays can be united. But I am scared that when the time comes, it might be too late...



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stress at Work

Who says working life is better than studying life?
To those who can't wait to finish their study life, think again..

Well, you're lucky if you have a good kind of boss.. But if you the kind of boss I'm getting, my godd..
Hari-hari macam menanti Malaikat Maut dtg je..
How unhappy we are working under him.
Just imagine, orang lain buat salah, orang lain yang kena marah. And its not just marah, its maki hamun.

What kind of a leader is that... haihh... Oh well, I just have to go through it for another 1 week plus..
can't wait to get back to UiTM and to get back to MY OFFICE! arrghh!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My godd its been a while since i last wrote in..
Sorry guys i've been busy with my practical training.. Didn't have the chance to write.

Okay.. so..... Ive got nothing to say actually but to let the world know that i love my family and friends.. :) Do i need to mention them? (i don't want to hurt anyone by forgetting to mention their names) but hey.. those who were there when i'm down and in need of a friend, you are the one i'm talking about..

kay recently, i bought something for myself.. as a treat for myself.. and i'm loving it! Finally get to hold it and say it's mine! though someone said i'm following someone else.. (JahaT u faa! :D) and oh! I also got myself my Mr Bubub! (Fyza u know what this is kan?) hehehe... how childish..

I'm finishing my practical training this week.. But that's not the end of my service at the firm.. I'm gona continue working there until 11th July.. So yea.. Not much of a holiday for me..

To my friends out there, i miss you guys.. To fyza, bile nk lepak.. To faa, bile nk balik.. To semue, Good luck! and congratulations on your exam results UiTM students!! :)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Shutting Down

I had fun blogging. Though I just started it. Thanks Fyza for introducing it to me.
Well, I think it is time now I have to shut it down... Maybe not shutting it down, but I will be inactive.

Due to unavailability to update my blog that much, plus I don't have much to say anymore.
So, from this moment, I will be inactive until further notice.

Thank you for reading my blog. :)
Love you guys!

Friday, May 22, 2009

GaGaL LaGi

Sudah berkali ku mencuba untuk beraksi dalam arena itu.
Sudah banyak yang ku cuba lakukan untuk kembali ke alam.
Sudah puas aku mencuba untuk mendapatkan yang setia dan bernilai.
Sudah puas aku mencari.

Namun, hampa untuk dikatakan, hanya kegagalan yang ku temui.
Pengalaman lampau masih menghantui diriku ini.
Aku sudah tidak berani untuk mencuba.
Atau aku belum jumpa yang sesuai.

Kenapa aku tidak boleh menjadi sekuat diriku di dalam perkara lain?
Kenapa aku perlu bersedih?
Kenapa aku mahu menjadi seorang pengecut?

Aku menyemai cita-cita untuk berubah.
Aku menanam azam untuk terus mencari.
Aku berdoa kepadaNYA agar ditemukan yang sesuai.
Akan ku jaganya seperti menatang minyak yang panas.

Sekian. :)

No holiday for me

Yesterday, we (the attachment students) were informed by Dato's consultation firm, that we are being hired to work with the consultation firm as well (well this dato', he has a law firm and an event consultation firm). And we will be given allowances for that.

It is fun though since I like event management so much. But then, the hard work, the time... I have my duties towards the faculty as well but at the same time this is a very good opportunity for me to learn new things.

Hmmm... I just hope I can catch up... the boss there is sooooooooo bossy.. hahaha... (oh well, he's the boss, what to do) But I think I'll take the challange.. To get new experience and also to earn some money...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Changed MY NAME!

Today, I officially changed my name to NAJIB
NAJIB ye, bukan NABIL.


Sedih.. Name sedap2 nabil jadi najib..
One of the lawyer in my practical place keeps on calling me najib instead of Nabil.
Maybe one day I will be the PM.. Who knows..

Hahahah.. So, ingat ye adik-adik.. Nama saya NAJIB. :)


I would like to congratulate all the pre-law UiTM and MOHE foundation programme students for their success in final exams..

To those who are entering BLS in UiTM, I wish you good luck, and welcome to the family.
Wait and see how life is after this.. hehehe.. :)

Celebrate well and enjoy your holiday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today is my third day at work.... The Second day was fine.. Though still have to go back late..
But today, it didn't start well..I arrived at office late.. 8 minutes late! goshhh.. :( I feel really bad..
And its printed in red on my punch card.. Daymnn....

But tape la.. Its a lesson to be learned (don't mind my grammar)

Oh well, now i am given another assignment and I am going to do it.. tata~

Monday, May 18, 2009

FirSt DaY at Work

I never knew practical life can be this hectic. Very tiring. The mind is by the way not the body.
The morning was so boring. We've got nothing to do as the lawyers only comes in after 11 because they have to go to the court first.

So we just wander around, looking at the books at the library not knowing what to do. Until, we were given a task. Then things are starting to be normal again (I can't live without doing anything) so I was given a task to find cases.

Everything was fine at first. Then Dato' (the owner of the firm) came into the library a.k.a. meeting room. He said he needed to use the room so he asked us to move inwards. So we did. Then his clients came in.

They were talking and discussing and they were very loud that I cannot read my cases! Daymnn. Then I went to my supervisor and asked when does she want it to be done. She said by the end of the day. And I have only about 1 hour plus left! We struggled to look and search for the cases. But I didn't manage to get the cases. I found one but it was imcomplete.

I feel bad for myself for not performing. For leaving office without actually finishing my work properly. Haihhh... I just hope I will perform better tomorrow.

Reminder to my juniors, please please please do not study for exams only. You are going to need all the knowledge during your practical. Trust me. :)

That's all about today. ZzzZzzzzzZz......

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Is it that hard to follow instructions?
Is it so hard to obey other people that gave instructions to do good things?
Is it hard to do good things?
Is it hard to understand the situation and follow whatever rules & regulations provided?
Is it hard to not hurt other people or making them pissed?

WHY must there be suCH human being with these problems??
You are at fault, then do not complain much la. When you got punished, just accept it.
Nobody asked you to be not smart. Nobody asked you to make mistakes. Nobody okay!
Do NOT blame me for what happen!

You wanted to be guided, you are guided. You needed answers you've got answers. You want people to help you to change you, but you refuse to follow?! What the fish??!

Grow up. People around are not going to live forever just to do work for you. Wake up, grow up, and learn to be independent. If you do not know how, learn now! don't wait till you are 30 to learn to how to be independent.

To my friends out there who depended solely on other people, please learn to be independent because one day, you will lose that support and you just have to live by yourself.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ragam manusia

Why is it so hard for us to discipline ourselves?
Here are a few of our habits that I consider as bad and not disciplined;

1. Delay WOrK
2. LaZy
3. ImpAtient
4. Rude

There's more but I got irritated with these. Not to say that I am all good or very well disciplined, but at least all of us should have some civic minded. Be rational and considerate. Is it THAT HARD??!!

When you delay a work, you are consuming someone else's time and energy. You also delay his/her work. Come on! Agak-agak la skit.

When it comes to driving, I seriously hate road users who litter. Damn don't your parents you a menace? Gosh.. If only I can go to your house or be in your car. I WOULD LOVE TO LITTER IN YOUR HOME/CAR... You will know how it feels like when your property got dirty. Haihh..

Malaysian malaysian.... 1st class facilities but 3rd class mentality. When are we going to change? When??!!! How are we going to call ourselves civilized and independent citizens of Malaysia? How embarrassing..

p/s: If I offended any individuals, I'm sorry but I don't feel bad at all. You deserve it. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Practial trainInG

Next week starts my practical training..
Borrinngggg.... But I hope it is going to be fun..

Buuuuuuuuuuutt.... once my practical training starts, I have only the evenings to chill n stuff.. What can I do malam-malam... goshhhh... :(

Oh Well... Just go through with it.. Get it done and over with...

I'm Back!!!

HEluuuuu.. I'm back..
hehehe.. actually blog ni, sorang je yang bace... hahaha
but nvm..

Anyway..... after the long and hard weeeks of exam, here I am! Writing again.
I don't know what to write actually..

Hmm this 1 week holiday.... nothing much happen.. I went to fetch my bro at Melaka last Saturday.. N bla bla bla n comes today!

Today was fun! I went out with two kiddies!... hahah budak budak lagi ye... yg tak abis2 ngan offer n acceptance dorang tu....
So cte nye mcm ni... hari ni, saya makan di One Utama.. But my journey was about 100km from my house! hahahah...

Dah la tu.. I was on the way to fetch 1 of the kid.. Die bg direction, Ya Allah.... tapi tape.. sbb die nk kawin ngan pak Arab lepas ni, leh terima la...

And we went for a movie, i sent them back, n luckily tak jam..

So today was a fun day for me! I never knew they were so much fun.. though terase tua td... kekeke...

Anyway, to Haifaa and Fyza, Thank you for today.. n Fyza thank you sbb kosongkan tank minyak keta tu.... :)

I had fun with you guys today! ahaks!

Take care!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thank you guys!!!
Thank you for all your wishes and to those who gave me presents, thank you so much!!! :)
Its a nice birthday this year.. :)
I really appreciate all your thoughts....

Although we are still having exams (only some that does not) , you guys remembered me!
Touching sangat... hahahah..


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go0D lucK!

I would like to wish all the UiTM students all the best for their final exams.
Good luck and may you achieve your target.. May the force be with you..
It's my time now to sit for the first paper...(nervous)
Wish me luck and let's strive for the best!

take Care!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I was born on the 4th of May 1988.


This year, is going to be my 21st birthday. 21 years old. Gosh I am getting old.
They say 21 years old is the year where you get your "key to freedom"..
I am already free, but I don't want to be too free.

They asked if I have arranged any celebration or party for my 21st. Hmm... Honestly, I never planned any. Because I am always afraid of my own birthday, because that will be the moment I don't have a gf. Lol...

Lame excuse...

Well, this year, I know someone is not going to wish me, let alone celebrating it with me. I have some who are ready to celebrate it with me, the rest, I don't know.

What's the big deal with 21st birthday?

Maybe I couldn't understand it because I am already happy with my family and friends that I have. 21 is just another number.

To those who is buying me present, I thank you all for doing so. Only Allah will repay your kindness.

To those who's going to wish me, thank you and may Allah bless you. :)

To those who is going to be missing my birthday, hmm I must say I'm upset, but I understand...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Many years ago, I had a very strong relationship with this 1 girl.
However, I was cheated. And that hurts a lot.

I was in great depression for quite some time.

Along the way, I met a few new girl, and one of which was very nice to me and loved me to the max. However, My wound has yet to be cured, so I couldn't give myself in. When I was ready, she left.

Again I went into another depression.

My heart was closed down. Shut down. Could not accept another love. Met a few opportunities, but did not work out. Till 1 day...

I met this girl when I was doing my work. Never had any intention on her. Became friends. Then slowly, I feel that my heart was about to open up again... But I did not realize it until...

Until I was asked to leave. Left with no reason given. Till I found out about it myself. Then I gave in. Maybe she's better off without me. :)

It was a sweet memory for me for the year 2009. It made me smile and made me happy although it was against my friends' will. Well, memories shall be kept in the heart. :)

I pray for her happiness, I pray for her success in all her undertakings. Thanks for giving me a chance to know you. :)

And I continue my life.......

So guys, losing someone does not mean it is the end. Your journey continues until you found the one.

For those who have one, appreciate what you have, treat your partner well, love them, care about them, and be happy with them. I wish you all the best and I pray for your happiness. :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is MEANT to ALL of YOU out THERE!
Please nOTe that I aM GARANG, I am HARSH, I am whAtEVEr you want to call me.
I have warned you and told you earlier to stay away or not trying to do something S****d
but If you ignoReD thAt wArning,

You Got That!

When you are hurt or upset don't blame me. Yes I know I can change and I know how to be softer or gentle, but don't you ever dare try to push me because you are going to get it from me.

So listen to this,
You want to be my friend, you have to bear in mind that I am like this.
I can be better, but you have to get to know me better first. Ive had enough of all the
Sh***y things before so I am putting up this barrier so that I don't have to go through it again.

Feel me?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Exam is nearing...
Paper starts on the 27th... followed by 30th, 3rd, and 6th...
And I've yet to start anything...

An assignment to be submitted tomorrow.
And, I am in front of my darling Acerina (it's a laptop by the way)

Why am I so lazy? Why Why Why??!!!
Come on Nabil you're in part 4 for heaven sake!

Dear God, please give me strength...
To finish up my assignment and to study.. only 4 papers..

I would like to wish all my friends, all the best in your final exams! :)


Monday, April 13, 2009

-nO TitTLe-

Life? What do we know about life? I bet many people can answer that.
But How many people actually cared about their life?
How many people actually know that Their life is short or long? No answer...

Imagine today you are such a workaholic. You work and work and work.
You're also active in other things like sports, socializing. And suddenly you fell sick.
The doctor said you have to rest. So you rest.

And he came back to you saying that you have this this this and this problem.
What would you feel at that point of time? Suddenly you have a lot of disease and sickness that you were not aware of. You already know you have some sickness and you are controlling and taking care of it, and now the doctor said he found "something new" about you.

Life can be depressing by then, but remember one thing. No matter what happen to you, no matter how strong the test and challenges is for you, do not give up. Challenge yourself to get through it because there is always something good out of it.

My dear friends, doesn't mean that you don't have to go clinic you are okay. Take care of your health and don't forget to live life to the fullest. And don't give up before you even try to do it because you never know the result of it.