Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family value

Everyone in this world has a family.. A pair stars a family... Families then starts a community.. Communities then start a country.. And so on and so forth.

But how many of us actually knew what family values are?
How many of us really care about their family?
How many families in this world are actually living happily and peacefully together?
Not many...

I have my family.. I have my parents, my brothers and a sister..
I love them so much.. They mean everything to me..
Yes sometimes I got scolded, sometimes I argue with them, sometimes I just could not agree with them, but they are my family..
They will always be there through my thick and thin time.. They are my family and they are also my best friends.. I could not ask for more..

Family and friends are not the same... You can have many friends, and friends come and go. But you only have 1 blood related family, and if u lose them, that's it. They will be gone forever..
If you still have your family, love them, care about them, cherish every moment you have with them..

No matter how bad they can be, they are still your family.. Love your parents especially.. You are nothing in this world without them.. I hate it when people can't seem to respect their own parents.. They have the guts to criticized their parents, say bad things about them, but at the end of the day, they depended on their parents for money, food, and shelter..

Come on! If you are so great, why do u still depend on your parents? If you think your parents are useless, why still ask money from them? Whatever that we have with us now (if you're still not working) came from them. your allowances, your savings, your car, clothes, food, are all from your parents...

You are being disgraceful when you insult your own parents to others.. When you are okay, you forgotten about them.. But when you are in need, then you'll remember them.. That should not be the way..

Maybe you just can't understand it now.. But just be careful and standby when it is your time and turn to become a parent, don't blame your kids if they are doing the same thing to you...

Love your family.. No matter what type of family they are.. Because they won't be there forever..

Mama, Bapak, Abg, Ee, Dhirah, I love you guys!


I wonder how my life would be after I ended my term, without her...
It would be boring, empty, and pfftt.. I don't know..


She appeared.. without me even have to look for her...
It is true though.. When you less expect it, it will eventually come to you..

One thing about her is, she is not the normal type that I always met or want..
But yet, we are going on well.. :)

Weeheeheee... I am happy now.. I really am..

Thank you my dear love.. :) I want you to be here with me foreverrrrrr...

I love you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



I can't believe that I am actually doing it.
I never thought I would be able to do it.
I never thought I would be able to go through it this far.
Daymnnn I'm good. :p

I think I never had this feelings before.
Not the feeling of being happy of unhappy because they will take place all the time.
The feeling of feeling matured and be responsible and handle problems well.

Well I think I have not been talking about the new life of mine to public yet.
I only make known to public through my pictures.
Well now this is the time to do so.

Now I agree with the fact that do not look for love, it will come naturally to you.
And when it came, it is hard to let go.
That is what happening to me now.
I never thought I would fall for her. It was just a dinner I attended.

Whatever it is, I still can't believe myself that I am with her now.
Sayang, thank you for accepting me and thank you for being with me.

I am sorry for all the hard times, for all the things that you found out yourself, for all the troubles I gave you.
I am truly and deeply sorry for that!!!

I love you dear... Really do.

Life Without Position


Now I can finally rest my feet, my body, my mind from having to deal with protocols, procedures, and what so ever.

I am finally a normal student. yeay! Now I can just linger around without having to attend or organise meetings. I can just go back straight after class.

I finally have time for myself. :)

But it is boring though when ure used to a hectic life, then suddenly u got nothing to do.

There are things to do still, exaMMmmM!!! woot woootttt!

Oh yea, to all my friends, seniors, juniors, in the whole world who are gona seat for exams, good luck and all the besttt guyss!!!!

I'm gona continue enjoy my normal life now. :)