Saturday, September 12, 2009

It is leaving soon

Oh God...
It is almost the end of it...
I feel bad for not doing much for Him..
I seriously feel useless and not grateful for not returning the favor to Him.
For not taking what He offers to me and to the rest of the Muslims in this world.

I am sorry.
I admit I am not strong.
I admit I am not good enough.
But God, thank you for giving me another Ramadhan.
I may not claim the full benefit of Ramadhan this year,
but I learned and realize many new things.


Ramadhan is leaving us soon,
How much have we gained?
How much have we changed?
How much better and stronger are we now?

Whatever it is, never stop fighting for the right thing.
Never stop doing good and right things.
Do not stop changing and improving yourself to be better.

I pray for all my family members and friends in specific,
and to the Muslims in general,
May Allah reward us with whatever that we deserved
May Allah show us the right path to Him
and May Allah unite us all and give us strength to defend
the religion of Islam.


Salam Ramadhan, and Salam Aidilfitri to all.
I apologize for all my wrong doings and sayings which offended or hurt
you in any way. I may and may not have realized it.
I am sorry.

Take care

Nabil Nazrin


Hye guys.. As some of you may know, I re-post this in my blog from facebook.

A friend is a person who is there when you needed company, needed help, or anything.
A good friend is someone who cares about you.
A true friend is someone who care about you, and really show that they care, would die for you, will never ever back stab you, and will always agree with you whenever you are right and disagree when it is the other way round..

How many people actually knows the true meaning of friendship?
How many of us are aware of what type of friends we have around us?
How many of us can actually list down more than 10 names of true friends?
I think I can describe friendship, I think I know some type of friends I have,
but I can hardly list down even more than 5 true friends It's a shame is it not...

We all say we have friends, we have a lot of friends.
But the truth is, how much of them actually returned the favor to us?
Well from my experience and observation on my own life, not many.
Those to whom we pay attention more to are actually those who are going to hurt us in the future They only wanted attention, they will not be there for us in times of need.

But those whom we expect less to be close to, are those who are going to be there when you need help.
They are the one who is actually willing to help you.
So who says that just because you have things in common with your friends, you can call yourself best friends?
And what type of a best friend, uses another best friend? To make things worse, being dominant and controls others to follow his/her way?
What type of best friends betrayed other best friend?
And what type of best friend back stabbed another best friend by spreading stories or not good things about their own best friends?

The best in its own kind maybe.

They claim that care about us, they are concern of who our partners are, they approve they reject because they don't want us to be upset or hurt.
They say this, they say that, as if they are perfect but who are they to decide for your personal life?
And who are we to judge people?
We are not perfect to judge whether a person is good or bad.
Kindness, beauty, loyalty is very subjective. Different people have different way and style of showing it.
But does not mean if he/she is doing it in such a manner which is out of the norm, he/she is bad or not good.
They say they care, but not all of them will be there by your side when you are in trouble. They will start nagging and say, "I told you so. Now You face it yourself".

A true friend really understands you. He or she knows your character, knows your personality, and knows how to cheer you up when you are down and knows what are the things that can make you happy and sad. A true friend knows when you need company, when you don't.
A true friend knows when you need your privacy.
A true friend not interfere into your privacy, will not make stories about you, will not reveal to the world about your bad habits, or bad things about you. They will just keep it to themselves even when people ask.

They will just say, "I do not know, maybe you can try ask him/her yourself.", instead of
"I am telling you this because he/she is my friends, I do not want anything bad to happen to him/her."

Why must we be too busy body? If nobody requires our assistance, do not go and do anything. Let your friend deal with his/her problem alone.
You support him/her in such a way of a moral support, or advise only. Unless he/she really needs your help in any way.

And in return of all that, you would do the same to them.
You will stand by him/her every time they are in the right side.
You will not run away if they are in the wrong side, but you will advise them to come back to the right side.
You may not be able to help them when you yourself are incapable to, but the least is be concern about them.
You do not go and encourage them to do something which is wrong or not good.
You definitely are not suppose to support them and help them to continue doing those bad things.

I admit I don't always return the favor to ALL but only to some people because these few are those I regard as my true friends.
It is not that I am not appreciating or I am doing things with hope of getting some return or benefit over it, but this is just a matter of principle.
If you have a strong and good principle of life, you would not mind losing friends whom you know, will only harm you in the future.
They scold you when you did something wrong, they correct your mistakes, they prevent you from doing things that is not going to benefit you or anyone.
They support you morally and physically.
They trust you with the stuff, and secrets.

Just be yourself in friendship. Sometimes it is not wrong to make a stand to your friends saying that you are this type of person, you do not like things to be this way and for what reason.
And to further make it good, do it for the sake of friendship, for not going against your own principle of life, and most importantly do it because it is the right thing to do and wise to do.

You do not go to them and say "I am telling people about you, because I love you and I care about you, I do not people to think bad about you" and claim that you are doing that because they are your best friends. Don't. Please DON'T do that.

I hardly have true friends and honestly I only have a few.
I do admit that I myself have not been a good friend to my friends.
Sometimes I let them down because I really can't help them. I feel bad that sometimes I could not spend time with them, I could not return their favor, I could not be there to support them when they went for any competition or tournament, etc. etc.
But the least I could do is to feel guilty and will try to think of a way to make things up with them.

To those of my friends who regard me as your friend, good friend, true friend, or best friend, I thank you for such recognition and I will always try my very best to be there for you when you needed me. I love you. I am sorry I could not carry out my duties and responsibilities as your friend effectively.
But I will definitely not stop trying to give you the best.

To those who see me only for certain benefits, thank you for doing that. I won't be there the next time you ask for my help. I may help, but you will get something good from me. I may help, but you will not be in my priority list. You can say I am not being honest and sincere, I am bad, I am being friends for benefit, I am being stereotyping, I judge people, just say it. I gave way, I gave chances, but you betrayed my trusts and confidence. I do not mind losing you as my friend.

p/s: I am truly sorry if this post offended anyone in any way. I'm sorry. Thank you for reading it
(pardon my language. Not good in English)