Sunday, August 30, 2009


:D :D :D

I don't know why I feel happy...
A new wave is hitting me...
Though I Do NOt know for sure what is going to happen next,
but what is happening do make me smile...

Haihhhh how I wish it will end up the way I want it to...
Well I have to try.. :)
aNd try... and try.. until I fail....


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow.. God is merciful..

1 moment you feel hopeless, another moment you are so excited and colours start filling your life..
Haihhh I love God, I love my life..

Though it can be sucky at times, lose something, but i earned something in return...

Had a test yesterday, it was tough because there was not enough time and I couldnt really figure out what the question wants, so I just do what I think is right.. :)

But then, I went out for break fast with my frens, n went sahur with my bestfriend..

what a life.. Life is fair.. Dont ever say life isn't fair coz by saying so, u r not being grateful to what you have..

Alhamdulillah! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life changes

Life change alot..
People around me changed..
My surroundings are changing..
I am changing (in size and character)
Everything is changing...

Sometimes I miss the old times..
Sometimes I do want to move forward..
But most of the time, I am scared of going anywhere...

I have been through quite a lot as of today...
But I am pretty sure that is still nothing compared to what's coming up ahead...
I will just prepare myself, as the future is coming near...
I am happy for my friends who have found their mates...
I am happy for my friends who have left their mates...
I am happy that when I am ditched by the old friend, I found a new one...

It is true I think.. When you are in love, you are in your own world...
You left the world around you just to cherish the lovey dovey moments with your loved ones..
Sometimes, as a friend, it is kind of offensive being treated that way, but to be positive, we should be happy for them..

Oh well, my journey is still very long.. I have yet to found the one I'm looking for.. I have yet to achieve my dreams and goals..
And I have yet to prepare myself for death...

Would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my friends out there, either u can or cannot read my blog, I'm sorry for everything, and thank you for everything.

Happy Ramadhan, may this Ramadhan be the best Ramadhan for all of us to invest for our afterlife. :)

Take care.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I miss her

I miss her...
Last nite i dream of her... She told me something...
Mak tok, I will remember what you said in the dream.. I miss u..
All I can do now is to pray for you.. I hope u are fine there..
Couldnt help to cry after I woke up...

To those of u who still have your loved ones, do take care of them and spend time with them while u still can, coz once they are gone, that's it..

Oh, for the PERKAD team, good luck and all the best.. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


hihihih... I thought I am going to be more relaxed when my programs are shut down... but I guess I was wrong..

Done with 1 work, another one comes in.. dayymnnnn.. these two weeks have been a very hectic week for me.. getting headaches everyday day.. scolded by a friend of mine for not taking care of myself... haihh

but then, it all pays when I have something to look at and make me all calmed down.. :p
oh i just hope i can see it again and again and I can be happy always. lol! :)

It is true that Allah create something in pairs.. when there's a boy, there's a girl. When there's stress, there's a solution for it.. Alhamdulillah..

A friendly reminder to my friends, take good care of yourself aite! :) tataaa

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hmm.. its been a while...
well first of all, my deepest sympathy to those contracted with H1N1..

Next, CURSE U H1N1!!! BEcause of you, my progs are all cancelled... danggg....

Now I will resign from my post as a failure president.... but nevermind.. We plan, He decides..

Ive nothing much to say but I am so freaking unorganized.. Well need to get back to myself.. tataaa