Monday, May 25, 2009

Shutting Down

I had fun blogging. Though I just started it. Thanks Fyza for introducing it to me.
Well, I think it is time now I have to shut it down... Maybe not shutting it down, but I will be inactive.

Due to unavailability to update my blog that much, plus I don't have much to say anymore.
So, from this moment, I will be inactive until further notice.

Thank you for reading my blog. :)
Love you guys!

Friday, May 22, 2009

GaGaL LaGi

Sudah berkali ku mencuba untuk beraksi dalam arena itu.
Sudah banyak yang ku cuba lakukan untuk kembali ke alam.
Sudah puas aku mencuba untuk mendapatkan yang setia dan bernilai.
Sudah puas aku mencari.

Namun, hampa untuk dikatakan, hanya kegagalan yang ku temui.
Pengalaman lampau masih menghantui diriku ini.
Aku sudah tidak berani untuk mencuba.
Atau aku belum jumpa yang sesuai.

Kenapa aku tidak boleh menjadi sekuat diriku di dalam perkara lain?
Kenapa aku perlu bersedih?
Kenapa aku mahu menjadi seorang pengecut?

Aku menyemai cita-cita untuk berubah.
Aku menanam azam untuk terus mencari.
Aku berdoa kepadaNYA agar ditemukan yang sesuai.
Akan ku jaganya seperti menatang minyak yang panas.

Sekian. :)

No holiday for me

Yesterday, we (the attachment students) were informed by Dato's consultation firm, that we are being hired to work with the consultation firm as well (well this dato', he has a law firm and an event consultation firm). And we will be given allowances for that.

It is fun though since I like event management so much. But then, the hard work, the time... I have my duties towards the faculty as well but at the same time this is a very good opportunity for me to learn new things.

Hmmm... I just hope I can catch up... the boss there is sooooooooo bossy.. hahaha... (oh well, he's the boss, what to do) But I think I'll take the challange.. To get new experience and also to earn some money...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Changed MY NAME!

Today, I officially changed my name to NAJIB
NAJIB ye, bukan NABIL.


Sedih.. Name sedap2 nabil jadi najib..
One of the lawyer in my practical place keeps on calling me najib instead of Nabil.
Maybe one day I will be the PM.. Who knows..

Hahahah.. So, ingat ye adik-adik.. Nama saya NAJIB. :)


I would like to congratulate all the pre-law UiTM and MOHE foundation programme students for their success in final exams..

To those who are entering BLS in UiTM, I wish you good luck, and welcome to the family.
Wait and see how life is after this.. hehehe.. :)

Celebrate well and enjoy your holiday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today is my third day at work.... The Second day was fine.. Though still have to go back late..
But today, it didn't start well..I arrived at office late.. 8 minutes late! goshhh.. :( I feel really bad..
And its printed in red on my punch card.. Daymnn....

But tape la.. Its a lesson to be learned (don't mind my grammar)

Oh well, now i am given another assignment and I am going to do it.. tata~

Monday, May 18, 2009

FirSt DaY at Work

I never knew practical life can be this hectic. Very tiring. The mind is by the way not the body.
The morning was so boring. We've got nothing to do as the lawyers only comes in after 11 because they have to go to the court first.

So we just wander around, looking at the books at the library not knowing what to do. Until, we were given a task. Then things are starting to be normal again (I can't live without doing anything) so I was given a task to find cases.

Everything was fine at first. Then Dato' (the owner of the firm) came into the library a.k.a. meeting room. He said he needed to use the room so he asked us to move inwards. So we did. Then his clients came in.

They were talking and discussing and they were very loud that I cannot read my cases! Daymnn. Then I went to my supervisor and asked when does she want it to be done. She said by the end of the day. And I have only about 1 hour plus left! We struggled to look and search for the cases. But I didn't manage to get the cases. I found one but it was imcomplete.

I feel bad for myself for not performing. For leaving office without actually finishing my work properly. Haihhh... I just hope I will perform better tomorrow.

Reminder to my juniors, please please please do not study for exams only. You are going to need all the knowledge during your practical. Trust me. :)

That's all about today. ZzzZzzzzzZz......

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Is it that hard to follow instructions?
Is it so hard to obey other people that gave instructions to do good things?
Is it hard to do good things?
Is it hard to understand the situation and follow whatever rules & regulations provided?
Is it hard to not hurt other people or making them pissed?

WHY must there be suCH human being with these problems??
You are at fault, then do not complain much la. When you got punished, just accept it.
Nobody asked you to be not smart. Nobody asked you to make mistakes. Nobody okay!
Do NOT blame me for what happen!

You wanted to be guided, you are guided. You needed answers you've got answers. You want people to help you to change you, but you refuse to follow?! What the fish??!

Grow up. People around are not going to live forever just to do work for you. Wake up, grow up, and learn to be independent. If you do not know how, learn now! don't wait till you are 30 to learn to how to be independent.

To my friends out there who depended solely on other people, please learn to be independent because one day, you will lose that support and you just have to live by yourself.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ragam manusia

Why is it so hard for us to discipline ourselves?
Here are a few of our habits that I consider as bad and not disciplined;

1. Delay WOrK
2. LaZy
3. ImpAtient
4. Rude

There's more but I got irritated with these. Not to say that I am all good or very well disciplined, but at least all of us should have some civic minded. Be rational and considerate. Is it THAT HARD??!!

When you delay a work, you are consuming someone else's time and energy. You also delay his/her work. Come on! Agak-agak la skit.

When it comes to driving, I seriously hate road users who litter. Damn don't your parents you a menace? Gosh.. If only I can go to your house or be in your car. I WOULD LOVE TO LITTER IN YOUR HOME/CAR... You will know how it feels like when your property got dirty. Haihh..

Malaysian malaysian.... 1st class facilities but 3rd class mentality. When are we going to change? When??!!! How are we going to call ourselves civilized and independent citizens of Malaysia? How embarrassing..

p/s: If I offended any individuals, I'm sorry but I don't feel bad at all. You deserve it. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Practial trainInG

Next week starts my practical training..
Borrinngggg.... But I hope it is going to be fun..

Buuuuuuuuuuutt.... once my practical training starts, I have only the evenings to chill n stuff.. What can I do malam-malam... goshhhh... :(

Oh Well... Just go through with it.. Get it done and over with...

I'm Back!!!

HEluuuuu.. I'm back..
hehehe.. actually blog ni, sorang je yang bace... hahaha
but nvm..

Anyway..... after the long and hard weeeks of exam, here I am! Writing again.
I don't know what to write actually..

Hmm this 1 week holiday.... nothing much happen.. I went to fetch my bro at Melaka last Saturday.. N bla bla bla n comes today!

Today was fun! I went out with two kiddies!... hahah budak budak lagi ye... yg tak abis2 ngan offer n acceptance dorang tu....
So cte nye mcm ni... hari ni, saya makan di One Utama.. But my journey was about 100km from my house! hahahah...

Dah la tu.. I was on the way to fetch 1 of the kid.. Die bg direction, Ya Allah.... tapi tape.. sbb die nk kawin ngan pak Arab lepas ni, leh terima la...

And we went for a movie, i sent them back, n luckily tak jam..

So today was a fun day for me! I never knew they were so much fun.. though terase tua td... kekeke...

Anyway, to Haifaa and Fyza, Thank you for today.. n Fyza thank you sbb kosongkan tank minyak keta tu.... :)

I had fun with you guys today! ahaks!

Take care!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thank you guys!!!
Thank you for all your wishes and to those who gave me presents, thank you so much!!! :)
Its a nice birthday this year.. :)
I really appreciate all your thoughts....

Although we are still having exams (only some that does not) , you guys remembered me!
Touching sangat... hahahah..