Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun time!

Date: 07.01.2012
Time: 5.30pm till late.

It is always in my schedule to spend some of my weekends/holiday to hang with my group of 5.
Normally we will go for lunch/dinner or movies, or karaoke, or anything we can possibly think of.

We even went up to Genting just to eat "cold burgers". That's how random we can be.

We are a bunch of people who are very stressful at work. We work till late night. We work in the weekend. However, we still find time to hang out, to forget about the work stress for a while.

So what happened on this date?

Well, this is a new thing in our schedule. We cooked, we swim, we eat, and we spend the rest of the day watching TV together.

Do you know that this is one of the best moment you can have with your friends?

The experience of cooking together when majority of us don't really go to kitchen to cook? I say this is legend- wait for it - dary...It was an awesome moment.

Yesterday was western. Next we will think of cooking something else.

To the house owner, thanks for allowing your house to be used. To the rest, thanks for making our day a great one with all our craps in preparing the food.

Looking forward for another one to come back from UK, or probably we will go there and do the same thing there, whichever God permits.

I love you guys!

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