Friday, January 13, 2012

Officially not single!

Officially not single!

I made this shoutout at twitter yesterday and it seems that some of them actually paid attention to what I twitted.

Well, I think technically it's true.. I am not single. It's just that I'm in a long distance relationship with a girl, but she's in my future and I have not met her yet.

Whoever that girl is, I only one thing. Can accept me for who I am, and I can accept her. I find it hard when I cannot accept the girls's personality and neither can she. End up not seeing anyone, or even If I met someone, dare not go further.

Probably in my mind, I am not ready because I want to stabilise and have a solid financial first.

Whatever it is, deep inside, yeah I do feel lonely and I wish I could meet my future partner earlier.

But what my heart wants does not always mean its what I need now. Allah knows best. I leave it to Him. Insyaallah.


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