Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jaga Mulut

A friend of mine once burst out to me his problem that he has been holding on to for a long time.

About love relationship.

I do not understand why do people get involved in a love relationship and not wanting to take the risk of it being ended just like that for whatever reason?

I am not saying that it's good, but come on guys, that's the risk you must take. When you do a business you cannot always think of profit without anticipating the loss. That's not how life is.

If you are in a happy relationship, congratulations. If along the way you got into arguments and fights, be careful. And if the relationship ended, learn from it.

But I don't think that's the case for the ending part, in general norm. Whenever they come to that part, they always like to blame the other side, and vice versa. Come on.... Don't be childish.

I know what a heartbreak is because I've been through it before. So don't give me grandmother story about me not understanding how it feels like. Things had happen. You had the chance to work it out, but you didn't do enough, so it ended.

Stop having this attitude of blaming others when you are into troubles. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you completely sure that you did not do anything contributing to it? Are you sure you have all the while been all perfectly okay? If you are, then you must be the God.

Learn to give and take. Learn to check for our mistakes too. And most importantly, if the relationship ended, pray for the best of your ex-partner. There is no point of you spreading untrue statements and stories just to make the other person look bad. What do you get from that? If you say that person is stupid or bad, you are double stupid and double bad because you were with that person. Don't you think so? I believe many of you did not think of this before you do what you did.

And the friends. Come on. Stop being a "batu api". It was not you who were in the relationship. Yes you care about your friend and stuff but what right do you have to say bad things about other person when that person in the first place did not even disturb you? If you are a true friend, you would support your friend by encouraging them to get over it and move on. If what you do as a friend is to spread rumours and make the other party look xtremely bad, and you even curse the other party, don't bother calling yourself a good friend.

You do that because it has yet to hit you in your face. Life is a karma. Things work like a boomerang. You throw it, it will come back to you. Life is fair. God is fair. You do good deed you are rewarded with good things, and it applies also negatively.

So please guys. Stop talking about other people unless and until you get the information first-hand. If you hear it from someone else, always remember, there is always two side of the story (if its between 2 parties).

When is this drama ever going to stop? Seriously, what do you get by talking bad about people. If you are the one affected, I can still understand. If you were not even involved in it, why act smart and tell the whole world that someone is bad?

If you are a true kind hearted human being, you would pray for the best for that person. Especially is you are a muslim. I'm not familiar with other religions, so pardon me. Our religion taught us to always be nice to people. Our religion forbids war except if it is to uphold the religion. Our religion discourage badly on divorces. And definitely our religion forbid us from talking bad about others. We should forgive each other. If our Prophet can do it, why can't we? We all love him, don't we? Why can't we follow some of his teachings, if not all?

Ponder about this to those who ever going to read this.


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